What can OSO do for you?

Whether you are a business professional, marketer, influencer, content creator, or student, OSO can turbocharge your productivity to unprecedented levels.

Simplify Research

Do an hour of research in minutes by having OSO do the searching for you and provide a detailed summary.

Unrestricted Content

Free from the censorship and bias of other AI Chatbots, OSO enables unrestricted discussion and content generation on ANY topic.

Automate Workflows

OSO integrates into any application to automate workflows or even entire businesses.

Discover what people love about OSO

"OSO has quickly become an indispensable tool for me. Its ability to provide thorough and accurate information on any topic has made my research process more efficient than ever before."
David J.
Business Analyst
"OSO has revolutionized the way I find information. Before, I would spend hours scrolling through search engine results, trying to find the answer to my question. With OSO, I can get accurate, detailed answers in a matter of seconds. It's truly a game-changer, and I can't imagine going back to life without it."
Sara G.
Research Assistant
"I can't tell you how many times I've been frustrated by other AIs that either refuse to answer certain questions or provide me with incomplete information. With OSO, I know that I can ask anything, no matter how complex or controversial the topic may be."
Steve A.
Growth Marketer

The Ultimate AI Tool Suite

OSO comes packed with powerful tools to unlock the full potential of AI.

AI Search Engine

Upgrade your search experience with OSO’s AI Search Engine and find anything in seconds. OSO reads through the entire internet, extracts the most relevant information, and answers your question in a concise, user-friendly summary, saving you valuable time on every search.

Censorship-Free Chat

Image Generation

AI Search EngineCensorship-Free ChatImage Generation

Supercharge your workflows and achieve unprecedented productivity with OSO

OSO connects to over 7,000 apps through our no-code OSO-Zapier integration, or generate an API key to integrate OSO into any application of your choice.
Superpower your community by integrating OSO's censorship-free AI Chat directly into Discord to ask questions, generate content, and learn.
Coming Soon
Streamline your work experience by triggering research reports, content generation, web summaries, and much more directly from Slack.
Coming Soon
Open up unlimited possibilities by connecting OSO to over 7,000 applications via Zapier.
Coming Soon
Browse AI
Automate list building by connecting OSO to browse.ai and automatically analyze and filter contacts based on pre-defined criteria.
Coming Soon
Use OSO to analyze any dataset and conduct sentiment analysis, user feedback, and any insight your company requires to maintain a competitive advantage.
Coming Soon
Create custom feeds to stay on-top of competitors, new products, government filings, financial reports - you name it, and have OSO generate reports automatically.
Coming Soon
Automate the process of identifying top performing products on Amazon and creating product descriptions, visuals, and social media content to sell via your shopify store.
Coming Soon
Identify trending topics and automatically create and post video content to your social media channels to grow your audience.
Coming Soon
Stay ahead of the competition by automatically receiving detailed reports and analysis when a similar product is going to market.
Coming Soon
Google Trends
Integrate OSO with google trends to automatically generate SEO friendly blogs and content to increase your organic traffic exponentially.
Coming Soon
Put outreach on auto-pilot by having OSO craft and send personal emails to your existing customers and prospects.
Coming Soon
Identify trending hashtags and have OSO create and publish highly engaging posts to grow your social following and engagement.
Coming Soon
+7,000 additional integrations

Ready to Experience AI Without Limits?


Why should I choose OSO?

OSO is the ultimate AI Tool Suite that includes everything you need to bring your personal life or business to new levels. By offering real-time AI Search, Censorship-Free AI Chat, and AI Image generation you can streamline and automate nearly any process, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of life and work.

How is OSO different from traditional search engines?

OSO reads through trillions of websites in seconds and extracts the most relevant information to answer your question. This saves hours spent on research daily and eliminates the time wasted scrolling between different search results to piece together fragmented information.

What does Uncensored and Unbiased mean?

At OSO, we're all about unrestricted, open access to knowledge. With OSO Chat, we've removed many of the censorship constraints you might encounter on other AI platforms. Our own Uncensored model enables OSO Chat to provide users with useful, straightforward information.

When we say "unbiased," we mean we train OSO models to take a neutral stance, free from political or popular opinion. We believe in empowering users to form their own conclusions on complex subjects by presenting information objectively.

When we say "uncensored", we mean that OSO Chat removes many of the constraints and filters you might face on other AI platforms. Our Uncensored Chat model scans a broader range of information from the web without any filtering, providing a more open access to knowledge. This allows users to access information that might not be provided by other AI tools due to censorship or limitations.

While our Uncensored model provides unfiltered information, the internet, which is the aggregate of all accessible data worldwide, contains a broad spectrum of information, some of which can be misleading, outdated, or incorrect. We strongly encourage users to filter and validate the information they obtain from OSO Chat.

What is the pricing?

OSO is free to use with certain usage limitations. If you want to unlock the full power of OSO, it only costs $20/month or $16/month when paid annually (17% discount) for a limited time, providing great value in productivity and time-saving.

How do I get started?

OSO is available on web, desktop, and iOS. Simply go to app.oso.ai from your device and log-in with your email to get started.

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